Some random ideas on emerging opportunities in Agriculture

Posted: January 15, 2013 14:43

giant Coca-Cola has launched a new advert addressing obesity for the first time
on television. Whether this commercial is for damage control or genuine
consciousness by Coca-Cola, all I can read into it is agricultural


I guess you know
by now that the tasty, pure sweetness ‘natural juices’ you pick off the
supermarket shelves are pure sugarness! That’s right, no wonder your waistline
has been acting up lately!


That maybe
explains why you can’t even focus on anything; too much sugar in your blood. That
explains why you are always jumpy! It reminds me of the funny imagery the late snake-rattler
painted of a female politician who’s been hopping coalitions like liver
juggling on one’s palm.


The chamulendete dance by our Kamba
counterparts (to whom according to one tweet monger, ‘Hobbit’ to a Kamba is not
only a movie but also a kind of a chewing gum) knocking of the knees not only
raises dust but also teaches kilunda
how to make mbesa (money).


On making mbesa in 2013, one ought to look at the
real reason why a giant company like Coca-Cola would invest in crafting and
broadcasting a video about obesity and how to burn the “140 happy calories”.


I am a strategic
thinker and an intellectual and I will stick to my element here. The message
behind the “treasonable” video in Coca-Cola republic is that a new lifestyle is
inevitable. A healthy lifestyle has arrived in the shores of mankind. It cannot
be business as usual anymore.  


As one Wiseman
once said, “you cannot stop an idea whose time has come”, healthy foods are
demanding their space on the dinner table.


A wind of change
is sweeping through our eating habits and a smart person will think
Agriculture. Doesn’t it feel both healthy and right to squeeze fresh juice at
the dinner table for a drink? What about accompanying our staple ugali with African indigenous vegetables?
Ugali with managu and sangi and terere is the most romantic food
polygamy under the African skyline.


Who is
establishing the fresh juice orchards or pollinating the African indigenous


D’you want to go
for a carrot juice date and discuss further on how to invest in these emerging
opportunities? Drop me a line here:

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