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Owner: Sergyi
Product: soya bean
Location: Nairobi
Weight: 300000 kg
Unit price: KES 1
Description: Our company carries out deliveries from Ukraine of grain, oilseeds, as well as their products under the terms of DAF, FCA, CPT, CIF. Crude soybean oil: Acid value: KOH / g – 1,2 mg Moisture: <0,1% Non-GMO soybeans: Foreign matter: 2% max. Oil impurity: 10 % max. Protein: 37.5% min. Moisture: 12 % max. Soybean meal: Urease activity: 0.15 pH Moisture: 7.5% Crude protein (dry matter): 42.5% Crude fat: 6 % Concerning the price and volumes you can contact us vie email: or by phone +380673320392